Shipping is defined as the delivery of the product to the final customer. Also called «last mile logistics», it encompasses the transportation process carried out in the last kilometers to deliver a certain product, at the time and place determined, to the customer or final recipient.

Increasingly, the online purchase of travel to the point of sale. Powered by various reasons such as convenience, lack of time or price flexibility found in websites or ecommerce; Last mile messaging becomes more and more common, more demanding and more difficult to manage.

For everyone it is usual to see delivery people on the streets, with different uniforms and motorcycle, bike or van, and ask us if we are the recipient of such delivery. In the same way we are accustomed to not knowing anything of our orders during the whole delivery process or to go through a process of calls, emails and long waits until we have the product in our hands. The lack of visibility and communication towards the end customer only harms traditional logistics that do not yet provide the key to using technology in order to increase its efficiency.

At Kauama, thanks to our complete final customer orientation, we organize our distribution processes from the end to the beginning. That is, we prioritize the client to confirm or modify their data delivery, even in real time, so that the service provided is first rate. We take care of the image of the product we deliver and the city that hosts us, optimizing the distribution of last mile.